About us

The first company on lake of Como to offer Italian made full electric scooters.

Introduction to Freely Srl: Redefining Luxury Travel with Style


Freely Srl, an innovative startup born in May 2023, is at the forefront of redefining the travel industry with a commitment to three core pillars: Fun, Territorial Enhancement, and Sustainability. Born with a singular mission in mind, Freely aims to introduce a sustainable and exceptional form of tourism services, expressly tailored for luxury travelers with a discerning sense of style and a profound appreciation for history.


At the heart of Freely’s philosophy lies an unwavering dedication to elegance and a deep connection to the rich history of Como Lake, famously linked to the groundbreaking work of Alessandro Volta and his invention of the voltaic pile. Drawing inspiration from this history, Freely has meticulously designed its services to encapsulate the essence of luxury travel while embracing the principles of sustainability